The Story of Hãnai

We all need a community. A sense of Ohana. In this chaotic and disconnected world, we are not meant to do this life alone. This is why Hãnai was born.

Hānai was created by Laveen locals as a place for you to connect with your community. Stop by for your morning coffee with a friend or a date night with your partner and experience becoming a part of our Ohana.

more than a business

We are more than a business—we are a social enterprise. Doing good for others is our priority.In Hawaiian culture, there is a deep commitment that it takes a village to raise a child. A person’s extended family, neighbor, or village is known as their Hãnai and steps in the gap for a child in need.

We are the Hãnai for the most vulnerable children in our community. A portion of all proceeds go to foster youth who are looking for their forever homes.

Hãnai also employs and mentors youth in the foster care system. Our focus is to help develop our youth into a hard working and passionate workforce with many becoming leaders to someday to open their own Hãnai. Your business helps creates dignity, work opportunities, and purposes for Arizona’s foster kids. You are part of their Hãnai.

Thank you for your support.
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premium coffee + eats

We are obsessed with great coffee and locally sourced delicious eats. We refuse to sacrifice quality. Through the best coffee, local drinks, and unique eats you will experience a taste of our Hãnai.

Great coffee. Local beer and wine. Fresh breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don’t forget happy hour. We are your go-to eat and drink spot anytime of the day. 

world class service

We are committed to listening to your order and answering questions. We will learn your name and favorite drink. Quick service is a top priority. You are part of our Hãnai the moment you step foot inside. 

welcoming environment

Whether you are looking for your morning caffeine, a quick bite, or a place to gather we are your go to place. Through our Ohana Room, vibe-y patio, live music, and sense of family, you will feel right at home. You are more than a customer – you are a guest in our home.