We roast our coffee locally.

Coffee tastes better when it’s fresh. That’s why at Hãnai, all our specialty coffees are locally roasted. We partner with Elevate Coffee Co. (based in Phoenix, AZ) to bring you our signature medium roast blend, curated just for Hãnai. You’ve probably heard a lot of buzz about small-batch coffee. Chances are, you might be wondering what small-batch coffee is, and what makes it so great. Here’s the scoop and why we prefer it:

What is small batch coffee?

Local coffee roasters create small-batch coffee to ensure superior quality and consistency that you cannot find in a grocery store.  Roasting small-batch coffee is a complex process that requires the use of the perfect sized batch of beans to the roasting machine’s capacity. A skilled roaster must closely monitor factors like temperature, humidity, and pressure to create optimum conditions for roasting. Simply put, small-batch coffee is better. You can’t combine the art and science of creating a premium cup of coffee any other way.

Try our delicious, small-batch local coffee

We couldn’t keep all the coffee goodness to ourselves, so we decided to sell our coffee beans in-store. Our coffee comes whole bean, or you can have it grounded to fit your style at home. Our coffee grounds come in a sealed bag to maintain superior freshness and quality. Before you purchase a bag of local coffee, read our coffee descriptions to determine which single-origin coffee or unique Hānai blend suits your taste!